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Our History

    The Muddy Bunny started off as a Facebook Group.  Myself and my Nephew  a few good friends from where I live and from afar helped build this thing into what it currently is. The Muddy Bunny is a open platform for people to share images and video that is dubbed offensive,rude, crude and ugly. Not everyone in the group always agreed or liked what was shared. But that was the beauty of all of this. It wasnt about one person. What some people may find funny or laughable may not be funny to another person. Most people would just ignore it and scroll on passed to another post in the Group. The Muddy Bunny is  not a racist group we dont condone violence or harm to any person or any animal or anything destructive. We shared pictures that jokes at race, religion, sex, you name it. It was all in good fun cause everything was a target to be joked about. We do draw the line on some things which will be stated in the site guidelines however. So the place we have our group at has become pretty strict in thier policies and they have frowned upon us and took our group offline once already. They ban accounts and you cannot contact a loved on the site you cant do anything and these bans can be for a day up to a month or longer and eventually itll lead to your account being banned. I personally had a issue with this because alot of people was getting banned and some of them banned unfairly. So i decided to start a social media type group for people who was banned from thier Accounts. A Sanctuary of sorts. So i created this place for people to come and make groups and share content as long as it meets our few small guidelines you will have a much harder time getting banned.  Check out the next section for more about our goal with this site. 


Our Goal

    Our goal here at The Muddy Bunny is to offer a safe haven to those who have been put in Jail or who want to just come and hang out. If you get your account banned there is nothing else to really do so i offer this site as a open platform to you people who share our sense of humor. We would like to be considered as the alternative to our former host. We offer a open platform here and a safe haven to those who have been shunned by your social media be it whatever you use. We do understand those sites have rules and regulations. What we dont understand is how  you can have a completely private group from the public and still get banned. So kick back and enjoy the site. And check out the how to page on how to use this site and all of the features it has to offer as we try to think of new ways to make this site a success. Please note: The Muddy Bunny does not wish nothing bad on any social media we wish those sites the best. We just are a different type of social media that being said. We still have a place in the social media setting. – Greg Ratliff -Site Administrator

Site Rules

The Site rules are fairly easy to follow and you will be held by them reguardless of you reading this page or not. By viewing this site and using its features you should know these rules so you will be bound by them no exceptions. Failure to comply will result in accounts being banned and possibly deleted and blacklisted on the server.

  • No Child Porn no links no nothing period!
  • No links or discussion of illegal warez or warez sites or anything related to piracy
  • No attacking or threatening other members of this site
  • No posting private info without someones permission to do so.
  • If you share your info with someone on here you do so at your own risk
  • Usage of this site is down at the Users own risk. Our Site or our Admins will not be held accountable for you.
  • Noone under the age of 18 years of age. Anyone caught under age will be removed and blocked to the best of our ability. Its your job to raise your kids not ours!
  • No Solicitation of any kind or offers for anything related to drugs or illegal substances. 
  • Posting pictures of yourself clothed or unclothed is done at your own risk. We are not responsible if it gets out to the public we dont condone you do this please have some respect but we are a open platform and its not technically against our policy.
  • nudity is allowed but you cant post pics of someone you know and say they give permission. We will delete posts and accounts of people who do this.
  • Its ok to make friends here and have a good time but please know who you are talking to and what you share. be it pictures or videos. If you share it online  then it may be open to the public. Please be cautious.

See the rules isnt that bad just general guidelines each offense will be handle accordingly and various methods of discipline will be handed out based on the situation. But your accounts can be banned or blocked with or without notification it can be done to sort out a incident and it may be restored afterwards each offensive will be dealt with accordingly.

Thats pretty much it. This page can be changed with or without notice so please check back ever so often to see anything changes you must agree to this if you use this site. But ill try to make a notice about it.  Have fun and welcome to The Muddy Bunny!!!