You can register for this site by manually making a user id or by logging in using your facebook account. You will get a email reguardless of the method if you log in with facebook you dont need to create a password it uses facebooks site to log you in.. If you log in with a email youll need to go through the registration process. Facebook is the faster option by far.


Activity wall

The activity wall is your home page. This is where you can post your statuses from. Not only is this site based around groups its also a social media site as well. it has some of the same features as some social media. if you click in the text area it will display two icons which allows you to upload video and photos which go to your own gallery. There is a white smiley face to the top right of the text area you type in to put a status. Click this to add a “sticker” to your status. Commenting on statuses is pretty easy. You click on comment. You also have the ability to like a status when you click on the thumbs up it will give you some reactions to use. Ill change these around on occasion maybe so its not too boring.. maybe not. well see. Once you create a group you can post to that group from the activity wall by clicking where it says post in and select the group you wish to post into.  Pretty neat right?!

Change your Profile Picture and Cover Picture

Go to your profile link and youll see change profile picture and change cover as well as edit your profile if you want to add more info about yourself. If you log in with facebook it will use your profile picture there..

Adding a Friend  and removing a Friend

To add a person just go to the members page and find thier profile or click on thier profile in a post. Then click on the send friend request. I added a text box so you can send a message if you want to with your request. You can remove them the same way you add them but it will say cancel friendship instead of add friend.  You can also search the member profiles to find someone as well.

How to message Someone

There is a link on thier profile that says you can private message or public message them. If you public message them it will post to your wall but it will include them as a mention in it..

Poke and send virtual Gifts

Right now i have a poke feature in which you can poke another member of this site. You can go to members and find the person and go to thier profile or go to your friends link and go to thier profile page that way. At the top of the page youll see a few features one of them is poke the other is send gifts.

When you send a gift it will bring up a screen with a list of gifts to send to that person along with a little text box to put in a message to them if you wish to send them a message as well with your gift. The message and gift is stored on your profile page for people to see as well as your pokes.


Creating a Group and browsing a Group

Go to Groups in the link tab and youll see a few things youll see all groups and youll see a tab called my groups. This is a list of your groups you are in and have made. Also you can use the search to find groups to join as well. Creating a group is pretty easy you just go through the steps. You can upload files to the group  but only text files  but you can post images and video to the activity wall of the group and they get stored in the groups gallery. You can make public groups or private groups etc..


Thats pretty much it for now. Im sture ill be updating this from time to time.


Note: currently you cant write on other users walls. Im hoping to add this feature eventually.